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All The Best Bill !

Today is Bill Gates last day at Microsoft, the worlds largest software company. Its just plain sad that the most charismatic face in the Microsoft Kingdom is leaving. Going forward, Bill Gates appears to be dedicating his time and influence for charity. His charity is already one of the most important and recognized charity organizations in the world and it is good to hear that the 52-year-old Gates will be spending even more time on this effort.

25 years ago, IBM 1550 was introduced on August 12, 1981, which boasted of 16K memory with no disk drive, and cost around $1500. Cassette tape was the storage medium. Larger IBM computers of the era cost millions and required an air conditioned quarter-acre of space and 50 to 60 people to operate. IBM looked to other companies while working on the 1550, and one of them was known as Microsoft. IBM asked them to develop the operating system by using outside vendors for parts and the operating system. IBM was able to introduce the PC in less than a year after conception.



IBM did not require Microsoft to give it exclusive rights, so Microsoft began developing operating systems for other manufacturers. They produced PCDOS for IBM and MSDOS for everyone else.Microsoft became the premier producer of operating system and software, making Bill Gates and hundreds of other people millionaires. Continued growth and Bill Gate became the weathiest person in the world, worth more than 40 billion dollars (USD).

All the best Bill!


Thai Thrill

Released in the year 2004, and directed by Banjong Pisanthanakun and Parkpoom Wongpoom, Shutter is a real treat to horror movie fans. The film comes up with a very potent theme and explores the idea that not all sins can be absolved. The screenplay is really creepy and the movie is unexpectedly haunting. The use of cameras as a ghost-seeing tool thrills.

The actors do a good job too. Ananda Everingham stars as Tun, a photographer who witnesses a terrible car accident with his girlfriend Jane (Natthaweeranuch Thongmee). While driving, the two hit a woman on a dark road with his car. But instead of stopping to check on the victim’s well being, Tun urges Jane to drive on. Since the incident, something is following them. The movie has a well crafted story and is knitted very well for a horror movie with an unexpected ending.

The film was nominated for the 2005 Golden Kinnaree Award for best film at the Bangkok International Film Festival and has won various awards at smaller festivals around the world. The movie was especially well-received in Thailand, Singapore.

An American remake was released in 2008, directed by Masayuki Ochiai and starring Rachael Taylor and Joshua Jackson. The remake will follow the story of a young couple on their honeymoon in Tokyo, where they soon begin to see ghostly images in their photographs.
Unlike the original, the 2008 remake was received negatively by critics, so only go for the original Thai version not the American one.