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Pimp up your Windows Mobile !

It surely is the ‘Touch Generation’ now. With most of the major cell phone players now in the touch screen market, you have a bundle of options when it comes to buying one.

I use one from the good old HTC Gene family, the P3400i, one of the cheapest products from the Pocket PC giant, HTC. Its based on Windows Mobile 5 platform. No Wi-Fi or 3G, but it pretty much does everything I need and fits perfectly for me when considering the price/performance ratio.

Now that you own one, making your gizmo productive is one tricky part. There are hundreds of apps available on the Web, but it’s rather difficult to find one that completely satisfies your needs. I mean, when you are happy with the performance, the looks bug you, or when the looks are good, you find that the app is eating away most of the internal memory.

Well, these are some of the apps that I feel can make your PPC come alive.


  • When it comes to playing videos, the built-in ‘Windows Media Player’ in WM5 is a complete nuisance; it takes up longer time to load, can’t play the videos smoothly, and doesn’t really support a wide range of video formats that you really dig for.

I use the TCPMP. When it comes to video playback, this seems to be the best. Its super-fast, supports a wide range of video formats, has a completely free-license DivX Player, and the good part, it’s free! The latest Beta release is TCPMP 0.81 RC1. A more stable version, that I use is the 0.72 RC1. The 0.81 RC1 has additional support for WMV9 vidoes, and it looks slightly better than its predecessor.

You also need to install additional plugins for advanced functionality like playing flash videos, AMR, AC3, Matroska, HQ, Flac et cetera.

For the ultimate video playback!

Download and install the player first and then the plugins.

TCPMP should suffice your needs when it comes to portable video playback.


  • The Audio Manager in WM5 is pretty much what you need to listen to your favorite tunes. It doesn’t impress you, but it’s quite good at its functions. The Audio Booster functionality is pretty good with its clean equalizer and bass-boost effects. Only minus point is that it takes up quite a bit of memory. Now, you just listened to a song and you desperately want to make it your ring tone, what’ll you do? Well, the Audio Manager has a trimming functionality too. You can trim your songs instantly and make it as your ring tone or send it to your ring tones folder.

Personally, I use the Audio Manager, but if you consider using a third party software, I recommend the GS Player. It’s a basic mp3 playback software for PPC, and its free too. Get it here:


Clear Temp

  • Clear Temp is all you need for clearing your temp, cache, cookies, history etc. It’s somewhat similar to the CCleaner, which is a PC App. It frees the internal memory and the Recent Program list. It’s a quite fast in its working and again a freeware.

Simply clears the junk!

Hide Folers

  • Hide Folders is another good application that lets you do what the name suggests, “hide your folders”.
Hide your private stuffs with ease!

Hide your private stuffs with ease!


  • If you copy a lot of files back and forth between your PC and PPC, the ActiveSync might annoy you when copying very large files, like a MP4 movie for instance.

WM5torage lets your PC recognize your Storage Card as a Flash Drive. You activate this utility, plug in to your PC with the data cable, and there it is, ‘redemption’! Now, you can copy your files without using the ActiveSync. A good tool if you travel a lot, or visit the Internet Cafes in the city frequently.

Use your PPC as a Flash Drive.

Use your PPC as a Flash Drive.


Opera Mobile

  • Opera Mobile 9.5 Public Beta is the ultimate in browsing experience on a PPC. This version is built up on top of the rendering engine for Opera web browser, Presto. It tries to bring the real-time PC browsing experience to mobiles with its zoom, tabbed browsing and touch interface functionalities. You even could download files, videos, mp3s straight to you mobile with ease. This is a must use app for PPC users. Opera has release a new version of the browser, the 9.7 Beta Public, find the download link below.
A must-use app!

A must-use app!

Download the new Opera Mobile 9.7 Public Beta here.

YouTube for WM

  • Mobile video streaming is simply the best thing to happen, ever! Playing YouTube videos on your mobile just got funkier with the release of the new YouTube for Windows Mobile streaming app. It’s a stunner! It’s fast and neatly designed for the average PPC user and the interface never looked so good. Find your videos on the search box, click play and the app will play the video nice and fast in the landscape mode. But be sure you have a good data plan it will give you a run for your money because of YouTube, as usual, will chew up a hell lot of data. For installation visit with your device and follow the instructions.

Google Maps Mobile

  • Determine your current location with our without GPS, get driving and transit directions, get phone numbers and addresses for local business; that’s what google maps lets you do, but only this time it’s on your mobile.

I think this should do it. These are just the essential, the basics, when it comes to your PPC. Try these out today and know the difference..;-)


Being Me !


Age: 24

Height: 5′ 10″

Weight: 95Kg

Body Mass Index: 30Kg/m2

Wondering whose profile is it? Well, its mine. Today, I bumped upon the ‘much rejected’ BMI Calculator page in Men’s Health India. After some seconds, I figured out I’d give it a go. After a couple of clicks, I found out that I was overweight, or obese to be more precise. May be that’s why I’m so uncomfortable traveling in a bus, I thought the seats were pretty small.

I’m really struggling with the greatest menace of all time, “weight”. I do know that burning the calories is the only option for me this time, but how. I don’t live a normal man’s life. I work in night shifts, which honestly till now I’ve not been able to adapt. I don’t have a proper sleeping time, a proper routine as my shift timings fluctuate very rapidly. More than finding a time for exercising, it’s the initial laziness that’s killing me. It takes 20 days for an errand to become a habit or routine, and I’m bad at it, and I mean really bad.

They say, 12.1% people in India are either obese or overweight. It really is good to be a member of a club, which I was not for a very long time until now, but joining the “Indian Obese/Overweight Club” was a little too much for me, considering the pile load of troubles that I caused due to my negligence.

The good thing I did in these days is that I quit smoking. Yup, I did it! It’s been more than a month. I don’t think I’ll smoke that nic-stick again. That too was a reason for me being overweight. I’m 25 now and it’s time to be serious in life, I don’t know why am I scribbling this in my blog. Honestly, I don’t have any thing else to write … ha !

To add to my delight, I found out that I’m suffering from a condition called Alopecia Areata. I’m losing hair in circles. What a damn world. My immune system is identifying my hair follicles are foreign and it’s attacking them, shedding them to baldness. It can be worse, I could lose all of my hair on my body if it becomes worse. And there’s more, there is possibly no cure for it. Isn’t it a delight? God !!! WHY DO BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE?

Parents separated, not even a bachelor degree in hand, overweight, losing hair, single n lonely, away from home, no identity to prove my nationality; no driver’s license, PAN card, passport … This is me … and being me is a bit difficult … at least that’s what I want to believe ! God Help Me !