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2012 – A Must Watch!

Roland Emmerich is back, and this time he goes big with 2012. With the line of movies in his bag, he can be titled undoubtedly as the ‘master of disaster movies’, and I think 2012 is his best movie till date.

Many believe that a movie is fueled by its ‘story’, which plays a vital role in its critical success. If you’ve got a strong story, a mediocre direction will sail the movie safe into the hearts of millions and also into the banks, of course. Well, if you’re one of those believers, then this is not the one for you, because this doesn’t quite have a story as such.

I think that’s obvious from the title and the marketing the filmmakers have done thus far, but what makes the movie so special is its relentless depiction of the apocalypse with its state-of-the-art special effects and CGI, which no matter however scientifically inaccurate, is bound to blow your mind, and keep you ultra-thrilled at the edge of your seats.

For me it was a movie of a lifetime. I booked for a matinee on a Sunday afternoon when I was in Cochin last week. I was more than surprised to the see the crowd. It was overwhelming, something that you never see in Kerala. There was obvious applauses and whistling during the movie, but the defining moment for me came when the audience (not all, but most of the fraction) gave kind of a standing ovation when the director’s name was splashed in the end credits, which is fascinating because most of the people in Kerala don’t know or rather don’t care who the director is, they just came to see the earthquakes, and the volcanic eruptions, the Tsunami and stuff.

Like many of his movies, 2012 too has a hell lot of destruction, but this time it’s too splendid, most of the time. The story goes by the protagonist, Jack Curtis, played by John Cusack, a divorcee, who is supposed to save his ex-wife and children from the destined wrath of gods. As I said before, 2012 is not really about the story; it’s about the breathtaking scenes that almost visualize how the end of the world is going to be, if there was one.


Two Words - "Too Good"



Although there are a lot negative critics, who say 2012 relies on a lot of CGI and has no substance, but people, this is a disaster movie, and I’d say Mr. Emmerich is successful once again in doing what he does best, ‘making us feel to our hearts that we’re nothing but tiny little helpless creatures, and our fates are decided elsewhere’.