Monthly Archives: January 2010

Music of Devika.

Music has influenced me in every part of my life and I’ve been always a believer of music since my very childhood. It can colossally influence my mood. It’s really sad to say that the new era of music has lost its punch and passion that it needs to uplift lives.

I’ve always believed that music has power to heal oneself, but in these harsh times, you hardly come across any tune that lets you do the basic, sooth your heart. Music heals fellas!! Don’t believe me? Listen to song ‘Bharka Bahar’ from Saari Raat.

Lemme tell you, it’s the kind of song that you really want to go out to a music store and own a copy of. It’s much more worth than what you’re shedding. The song made me forget everything. It was almost midnight, and with the moonlight beaming down through my window, I felt I was in heaven.

Worth your green.

The tune was fresh, and with Devika’s mystic voice, it worked magic. It was really after a long long time I’m listening to such a splendid piece of art. I felt I really needed this. For all the losers like me (if there are any), who are broken-hearted and don’t really expect anything from life (well, that’s a bit of exaggeration! It’s for everybody, that’s what I meant 😀 :-D), I would really tell you to go out and purchase a copy of it. Here’s link to Devika’s Official Website.

Check it out now!!!

For time being I’m posting a video from her debut solo album released in 2007 by Faith Records, California, USA.