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New movie on the block.

This is the second clip that we are experimenting with. This is the place where I live in CBE. I couldn’t use any dialogues in the clip cos I didn’t get the mic I ordered in time. And the story, this time, goes like this; it’s about a man who acts strangely in his own house. Everything seems so out of place to him, and he is totally confused about what to do as things start to seem a bit creepy in there. Something must have gone terribly wrong … He feels somebody is in the house who is uninvited, a total stranger. This is accompanied by an deleted scene. Funny night it was.

Deleted Scene


My Pilot Movie

It took me 20 years to realize that I want to be a film director. And it took me another five years to start working on it. One of my high school friends, Jijesh, was back in town. Things have changed a bit after his arrival here. The good thing is that I’ve started to laugh a lot. It’s like the good old school days when we used to make fun of everything that came our way, even made fun of each other. It’s fun !!!

It all started four years back. We both were in college. And as usual we didn’t have a clue what to do with our life, although the only thing we were supposed to do was study. But studies are hardly satisfying. So we planned to make a movie. After a brief argument, we came to a conclusion that it’s going to be a ghost story.

But we didn’t have the money or time to spend for our petty idea. Fortunately or unfortunately, it didn’t seem to work out in anyway, as we didn’t even get the time to meet. Soon, college was over and I had to leave my hometown in search of a job. Then I never.

But the funny part is we both ended up doing our jobs in Tamil Nadu, the preferred State for mallus as it was at a perfect distance from our homes, not too far, not too close. Then after a long gap of four years, we met. And we had our own camera this time, though not professional. And the money and time.

And here is a clip that I just compiled from some of the shots that I took, and Jojo, it’s dedicated to you buddy!!!

Jojo, the lost one


The ‘MADE-UP STORY’ goes like this:

The clip is about a ghost (which is invisible btw) that follows Mr. Jojo everywhere in one day of his life. But when night falls, it decides to leave, but it finds itself hard to be apart from Jojo. (LOL)