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Religious Terrorism in Kerala?

The recent incident of axing the hand of a college lecturer, TJ Joseph, is really tragic to the core, and is an issue of immediate concern. Joseph was returning from the church on Sunday, when he was attacked by a group of men, who were allegedly goons of the ‘religion kind’.

"We had just got into our car when a van pulled up. Around eight people with swords and knives emerged and pulled out Joseph after smashing the windscreen," his sister Mary Stella, a nun, told the Times of India. "They chopped off his right hand and stabbed him in the left thigh," she said, adding that the assailants fled after detonating bombs.

Joseph was admitted in a private hospital, where his condition was described to be serious. Although the doctors successfully stitched back his sloughed-off hand, this incident clearly shows how dirty the people can get here in ‘God’s Own Country’, which we grumble out so proudly. 

Kerala Police is supposed to have made significant progress in the case, but this does not address the issue at hand. It seems now that Kerala, once again has proven that the religion is above god by all means. I mean, what can you say about acts like these? Of course, there are hired kills happening in certain cities like Cochin and the Thiruvananthapuram, but it doesn’t seem to affect the common man in any sense. Moreover, the Kerala Police has a record of handling such cases with ease.

India is very secular in its fundamental structure, and freedom of speech is a right to every citizen in this country. You don’t chop off a guy’s hand if he insulted Mohd. Nabi, or any religious figure for that matter. That’s utterly un-religious, and is the work of a handful of religious fundamentalists, who want to disrupt the communal harmony in the state. 

Kerala is relatively a calm place compared to other communally-affected parts of India. People are already calling it the start of ‘Islamic Terrorism’ in Kerala, although I hate to use the word Islamic. We as a nation are already fed up with Hindu fundamentalists, and that is hopefully changing with time with the involvement of concerned authorities. At this moment of time, last thing we need is another creed of assassins ruining the name of Islam in the country. And the saddest thing is nothing can be done about it, or we certainly are doing nothing about it.



I think the Gen-Now has to understand things more rationally, because this is an era of information. People are gobbling up information every second. Every time we are exposed to so many things, from which we learn immensely. It’s time people! It’s time to think. Think which is of paramount importance, a person’s life or religion? That’s the question to be asked. And all religions teach people to be humane first, then a Hindu or Christian or a Muslim.

My dad once said he will be always grateful to men who supported him in his crucial times. He told me about a man who gave away food for free, when my dad had no money with him. He was 18 at that time, and had just joined the Indian Army. None of the men that he talked about were Hindus. And mind you, those were the harsh times; people hated each other for no reason. "Have a heart to be human". That’s what he always remarks when he learns about incidents like these.

Brake pipe of trains tampered, explosives discovered on trains, and god knows what more to come. I have no clue what’s happening to our state. We have to openly condemn acts like these, and these of course has to come from respective societies. Let’s stop them, and stop them now, and prevent these radical elements from ruining the future of our children.

Even I don’t have a clue as to how to move forward from here. But I do have faith in our authorities, and I know they will come up with a way out of this menace, soon. Let’s make our home a better place to live people.

Always remember – "A community divided is a nation divided. A community united is a nation enlightened"