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As they say, one step at a time. I’ve learned quite a bit after my attempt at The Night I Died. This one is the next in the line, and I was going outdoor for the first time. Have a look.


The Night I Died

After the resentment I had after deleting my Google Account (which deleted my first work as a film-maker), I decided to make one more, just to test my skills. Here it is – THE NIGHT I DIED

Bachelor Party (Malayalam) – MICROREVIEW

Amal needs to work on his story-telling, fight/action choreography. I didn’t find anything particularly wrong with the story, but the presentation had lots room for improvement. The story wasn’t shakespearean, of course, but it most def works for an action movie. The problem with Amal is he’s trying to label himself as the Slow-motion King of Malayalam Cinema. But he should know by now that by spraying slow-motion scenes unnecessarily all around the screenplay doesn’t do any good to the movie and, moreover, depletes his image as a Director. First 45 minutes is spectacular. It sets the mood and expectation for a Guy Ritchie-type thriller, but the ‘mood’ fades away quickly as the movie progresses. Now, that’s one part; the other part – simply FIREWORK CINEMATOGRAPHY and EDITING; full marks to Amal for that. Also, I’m loving the new wave of fillmmakers that’s rocking Malayalam Cinema. You’ll find some explicit scenes and dialogues in Bachelor Party that comes very close to the psych of a typical bachelor-Keralite, and provides the necessary humor in the film. That makes this movie a bit bold. Also, the dance choreography could have been a bit better. A new trimmed Prithviraj dons well his character as a corrupted Ranger, but has little significance in the movie. Last but not least, the voluptuous siren Padmapriya sizzles in her item number but, again, the song is not at all choreographed. It felt as if they put her in front of the cam and said, “Ok, now dance.” I’m itching to give Bachelor Party a must watch, but it wont be worth it if I do so. A word of warning, BP is not a family flick, so take your wife/gf but not your kids. Enjoy!