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Thank You Guys!

I would like to express my gratitude to the ‘Nailed’ crew for making this short a reality. I am thankful to the very talented Rohit Rajan without whom this idea would still have been in sheds. Thanks for being with me from the start to finish man. You indeed are a motivation. Expecting more of your corporation in future. I’m really indebted to Benish andSwamiji for saying yes to the short and giving your best shot when we were still coming out of the peak season. I really appreciate your efforts. Thanks Murali for saying yes to the project and helping me out in my absence. Just your presence made me more confident about whatever I did and gave me a feeling that I was on the right path. Thanks to your experienced eyes. Last but not least, a salute to the spirit of Hari Annan, aka Mr Logistics, on whom the whole crew depended on to get things done. Thanks for saying no to nothing. Whenever we wanted anything, you got it for us. Thanks for being Mr Dependable. Without you, this short wouldn’t have crossed the finish-line. Thanks man for supporting me and instilling confidence in me to go ahead with the film. At this very moment, I cherish the fact that we’re an awesome crew, and there are awesome things ahead to come. Nailed was a tough journey but now, it’s time for us to take a deep breath … before we embark on a new one. So, ZUBANs … REJOICE!


Nailed on YES Indiavision

YES Indiavision screened our 2nd venture, Nailed. Grateful to the YES team, thx guys, you rock!Image  

Coriolanus – Microreview


I never have read a single Shakespearean play the way it’s meant to be read. But with Coriolanus, which apparently is one of Shakespeare’s lesser-known plays, I’m most certain that this, rather inspiring, directional debut by Ralph Fiennes is going to be my foray into English Literature. This movie has Ralph Fiennes written all over it. Spectacular performance by the man himself who dons the role of Caius Martius Coriolanus, a patrician Roman general who looks upon the proletarians with absolute disdain. Gerard Butler plays the role his archenemy, Tullus Aufidius. Gerard’s Scottish charm does much rather well for his role as a tough general of the Volscian rebel faction who claim that Rome was once theirs. Coriolanus is a slick war drama, which is an apt modern adaptation of a play that was written probably four centuries ago. Though, i feel, there were a bit of flaws in the Direction, this was just splendid for a debut and reflects the sheer talented experience that is ‘Ralph’. There isn’t much to reveal about the story as such as it’s a one that we’ve heard of. But it’s, by far, the most intense movies I’ve seen all this year. So, go watch it for yourself. I’m tagging a ‘Must-Watch’ tag to Coriolanus, as this movie, in itself, is an accomplishment for Ralph, who is a sheer pleasure to watch, and who singlehandedly renders the much needed grittiness to a ‘centuries-old’ Shakespearean play.

CORIOLANUS: Cut me to pieces, Volsces; men and lads,
Stain all your edges on me. Boy! false hound!
If you have writ your annals true, ’tis there,
That, like an eagle in a dove-cote, I
Flutter’d your Volscians in Corioli:
Alone I did it. Boy!