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Make good cinema, Amal!

Piracy, is an issue, yes, but it in itself doesn’t cause a movie to bomb at Box Office, at least not in India for the time being. Close to INR50L is the ‘reported loss’ for Bachelor Party due to Piracy. I don’t know how they’ve arrived at this figure, but one thing the industry “gurus” should understand is that the people who watch movies online are not ardent movie buffs, i.e., the people who matter. The majority watch movies for the ‘Cinema Experience’: take your family out, eat, drink, watch good cinema. That constitutes the major crowd. I don’t think the very same crowd will try to watch movies online with their family, cos it ruins the experience, plus these are the sect who are ready to spend money for a good time at the movies. Second comes the ‘college bunkers’ and the ‘labor class’, who again go to movies to get a taste of the ‘1st Day 1st Show’ flavor. Now, the labor class don’t have a PC at their homes to download movies or watch it online, so they don’t have any option but to watch it at the movie-houses. The college goers, again, ardent movie fans, do it cos they want to have a rock solid time with their buddies, watching their favorite films on a big screen. These are the majority class of film goers, which, as a matter of fact, remains intact, in a scenario of Piracy or non-Piracy. Now, there are 100 lots of ways to spend time on Internet, and downloading movies is one such ways. People who download movies wouldn’t have gone to the movies in the first place, because they’re not interested in watching it in The Cinemas. These are the sect who go for a movie once in a blue moon. These also include kids, who want to watch a film like BP, but are not allowed to go to the cinemas alone, and the parents wont take them to a movie like BP cos it has a lot of explicit content. My point is, the Cinema sales depend mostly on the Cinema itself, and the marketing and advertising it pushes through. Pirates are the people who don’t wanna get out of their house. They wouldn’t have gone for a movie even if somebody offered them tickets for free, because they’re not keen on the cinema experience; they’re better off watching it online. It’s one of the boons of the Internet: you can watch any content you want at the comfort of your home. So, Piracy is not the issue here, at least for now in India, but lack of good scripts and good cinema, and the loss that it creates is negligible. What Amal should concentrate on is honing his craft, going for original scripts, and make good cinema, plus a touch of good advertising and marketing. But first, try to make good cinemas, Amal!