Philia – The Music Video

Baiju Dharmajan releases video for Philia, a song from the album Crossover. Philia was composed by ‘The Maestro’ as a lullaby for his daughters and is shot entirely in the beautiful island of Vpyin. The soothing composition and the equally soothing scenes of the splendid Vypin is the best way to ‘get lost’ in the beauty that is love this weekend. Watch it, love it, live it!


About Mithun Sundaresh

A realist, tech junkie, foodie, blogger and a filmmaker. That's what defines me. I'm a very confused man and I'm in constant search for answers, answers for questions that plague me every single moment. I'm not the regular guy that people might interpret me to be. I live in my dreams - some good, some bad. I want to be a filmmaker one day. I want to tell stories to the world, stories that I myself don't have an idea of as of now but deep inside I know, I have something to share. I seriously think life is no different than a dream, and sooner or later we're all going to wake up. But until then it's always wise to do what's most crucial - LOVE YOUR LIFE.

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