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India … Souled Out?

“Hardcore, well-trained and highly motivated”. This was the description given by an army officer who was amazed by the tactics of the terror squad that hit the heart of Mumbai in November. There had been 19 or more terrorist attacks on India since the 1993 Mumbai Serial Blasts. It was interesting to note that this time they used the sea as their transport medium. It is the first time any terrorist group have used an Indian coastline as an infiltration point, and it ‘s shocking that our Coastguard was not potent enough to nab them or at least prevent them from doing what they did.

Now India, which is supposed to be a Nuclear-Superpower every time acts as if it had been attacked for the first time. First it condemns the attack, then mourns, and then blames Pakistan for everything rather taking stringent actions to avoid a recurrence of this sort. The same episode is repeated over and over again every time India is torn apart. But a lot of us felt that this incident was getting much attention and publicity. Ha, it was not just a feeling, it indeed was the truth, the unfortunate deaths of foreign citizens being the reason behind it. Usually when an Indian dies in India nobody bothers, but this time Government had a tough time answering questions.

India as a country has too many internal problems to tackle, which never gets any attention or publicity. For example, India is the breeding grounds of the so called the Hindu Fundamentalists, the Jehadi equivalent of India. 28th August 2008 was more than a date to remember for Eastern Orissa as mobs ransacked a church and clashed with Christian villagers and the authorities struggled to control spiralling religious violence in the region. Even though Police deployed more than 3,000 personnel in the streets, they could not stop the ransacking of at least one church. Where was all the media and the much needed Government security? About 2.5 per cent of Indians are Christians. But around the Kandhamal area, which is home to around 650,000 people, more than 20% of the mainly tribal inhabitants are Christian converts and the Hindu’s and constantly fighting over these conversions. And the sad part is nobody knows who all died or were set on fire in these incidents.

Lets take another major menace that India had faced in 2008, Malnutrition. The World Bank said that malnutrition affects huge numbers of people in India, especially women and children. It’s really shocking to know that half of all children under four are malnourished and 60% of our women are anaemic. Sadly, more children in India die from pneumonia, diarrhoea, measles, malaria, and malnutrition than in any other country in the world. And it’s equally shocking to know that these deseases are entirely preventable. Why didn’t this incident get the much needed publicity? And did we take any measures to curb this menace, and if yes why are the results zeroed out?

And recently what had caught international attention is  obviously the Satyam Scam. The International Community now looks at India as a ‘Fraud Nation’ and the most affected by this scam was as usual,  the Indian Middle-Class, who invested their hard-earned money and trust into the company. My dad, who currently has 2000 plus shares of Satyam has invested an amount of almost 3 lacs just to see the price falling like a piece of dead meat. Its a matter of life and death for him obviously. And the fun part is still the CEO says, “Satyam is India’s pride”. Now ladies and gentleman, this is India. Now I don’t know how the stock market works but from what I’ve read all these days, it’s been found out that some of the IT Majors are following malpractices in the stock market.


1. Borrowing money from the BSE (IPO).

2. Distributing the money to sister companies or subsidiaries at a 0% interest rates.

3. These companies again going back to the BSE and purchasing the stocks of the parent company and hence causing the rise and fall in share value.

India is suckered in once more pals!!!


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Happy New Year To All !!!

Happy 2009

2008 just passed by like a lightening leaving some moment of happiness and some moments when tears just rolled by our eyes, and most importantly it left some moments just to remember by. Although I am late as usual, but at this moment of time I wish everybody a very blessfull 2009 to come and more moments to remember by in our hearts.