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Movies That You Don’t Wanna Miss

Coriolanus – Microreview


I never have read a single Shakespearean play the way it’s meant to be read. But with Coriolanus, which apparently is one of Shakespeare’s lesser-known plays, I’m most certain that this, rather inspiring, directional debut by Ralph Fiennes is going to be my foray into English Literature. This movie has Ralph Fiennes written all over it. Spectacular performance by the man himself who dons the role of Caius Martius Coriolanus, a patrician Roman general who looks upon the proletarians with absolute disdain. Gerard Butler plays the role his archenemy, Tullus Aufidius. Gerard’s Scottish charm does much rather well for his role as a tough general of the Volscian rebel faction who claim that Rome was once theirs. Coriolanus is a slick war drama, which is an apt modern adaptation of a play that was written probably four centuries ago. Though, i feel, there were a bit of flaws in the Direction, this was just splendid for a debut and reflects the sheer talented experience that is ‘Ralph’. There isn’t much to reveal about the story as such as it’s a one that we’ve heard of. But it’s, by far, the most intense movies I’ve seen all this year. So, go watch it for yourself. I’m tagging a ‘Must-Watch’ tag to Coriolanus, as this movie, in itself, is an accomplishment for Ralph, who is a sheer pleasure to watch, and who singlehandedly renders the much needed grittiness to a ‘centuries-old’ Shakespearean play.

CORIOLANUS: Cut me to pieces, Volsces; men and lads,
Stain all your edges on me. Boy! false hound!
If you have writ your annals true, ’tis there,
That, like an eagle in a dove-cote, I
Flutter’d your Volscians in Corioli:
Alone I did it. Boy!


Bachelor Party (Malayalam) – MICROREVIEW

Amal needs to work on his story-telling, fight/action choreography. I didn’t find anything particularly wrong with the story, but the presentation had lots room for improvement. The story wasn’t shakespearean, of course, but it most def works for an action movie. The problem with Amal is he’s trying to label himself as the Slow-motion King of Malayalam Cinema. But he should know by now that by spraying slow-motion scenes unnecessarily all around the screenplay doesn’t do any good to the movie and, moreover, depletes his image as a Director. First 45 minutes is spectacular. It sets the mood and expectation for a Guy Ritchie-type thriller, but the ‘mood’ fades away quickly as the movie progresses. Now, that’s one part; the other part – simply FIREWORK CINEMATOGRAPHY and EDITING; full marks to Amal for that. Also, I’m loving the new wave of fillmmakers that’s rocking Malayalam Cinema. You’ll find some explicit scenes and dialogues in Bachelor Party that comes very close to the psych of a typical bachelor-Keralite, and provides the necessary humor in the film. That makes this movie a bit bold. Also, the dance choreography could have been a bit better. A new trimmed Prithviraj dons well his character as a corrupted Ranger, but has little significance in the movie. Last but not least, the voluptuous siren Padmapriya sizzles in her item number but, again, the song is not at all choreographed. It felt as if they put her in front of the cam and said, “Ok, now dance.” I’m itching to give Bachelor Party a must watch, but it wont be worth it if I do so. A word of warning, BP is not a family flick, so take your wife/gf but not your kids. Enjoy!

The Rite:Aftermath


The first thing that I was wondering when the credits rolled was if, in anyway, ‘The Vatican’ was involved in the production of ‘The Rite’? This is the kind of genre that scares the bejesus out of me! It’s, in a lot of ways, similar to ‘The Exorcist’, one because both are about exorcisms; secondly because the element of thrill that’s portrayed in both the movies originates from the same source, “despair”.

The movie starts with an avouchment:

“The battle against the Devil, which is the principal task of Saint Michael the Archangel, is still being fought today, because the Devil is still alive and active in the world.”  – Pope John Paul II

The movie is supposed to be inspired by true events and follows the story of Michael Kovak, a skeptic seminary student, who is sent to do a course in exorcism at the Vatican. It’s all about how he gains his faith. The story of a non-believer transforming into a believer is a common cliché in movies. It’s no different here. But what stands out here is the story itself and, of course, the legend of Anthony Hopkins. His role and his hefty presence in the movie makes “The Rite” so powerful that it’ll shake the very foundation of your beliefs.

In that sense, it is very much similar to ‘The Exorcism of Emily Rose’, which again was based a true story. Even though I’m a skeptic myself, I still am a bit daunted when my watch is reading 3 AM,  which is supposed to be the time of demonic possessions as depicted in the movie, contrary to the popular belief in India that midnight is the time when the devil wanders.Open-mouthed smile 

There are no such scenes in the movie that’ll make you jump out of your seats. If you love cheap thrills, this is not the one for you. There are movies that you watch, have a nice time, and come back home; and there are those from which you take home a part of the ideas pictured and it stays with you for quite a while. ‘The Rite’ is a perfect example.

“Failure to believe in the devil will not protect you from the devil”. That’s one of the bone-chilling dialogues in the movie. I think the desperation to find an explanation made me wonder if ‘The Vatican’ was involved in the project anyway. ‘The Rite’ is directed by Mikael Håfström, whose ‘1408’ wasn’t that impressive, but this time he manages to entwine a good thriller.

All in all, ‘The Rite’ is much more than an entertainer. It falls into the categories of films that make you think, in this case, of your sins that you’ve committed in your past, and in some way or the other dread keeps creeping into your mind at regular intervals. A lot of people may find the perception different, but for me, since I’m a skeptic, and so was the protagonist in the movie, it just made instant connection, and it worked.

Conclusion: I can’t stick a must-watch tag for this one because exorcism is a very controversial practice that some people may find very hard to digest, but for doubters like me, it is a definite thrill ride. But then it hardly takes a second for a believer to be skeptic and vice versa Winking smile.